H2O Conference 2014


12th Annual H2O Conference
May 27-29, 2014
Catamaran Resort Hotel on Mission Bay
San Diego, California

The 2014 Headwaters to Ocean (H2O) Conference was organized by the California Shore and Beach Preservation Association, California Coastal Coalition, Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project, Society of Wetland Scientists – Western Chapter, and Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve Coastal Training Program. As in the past, the conference covered a wide spectrum of coast and ocean issues, including but not limited to, climate change, sea level rise, coastal and estuarine processes, wetlands restoration planning and design, beach nourishment, water quality, ecosystem management, habitat management, invasive and exotic species management, wetlands biology and ecology, regional sediment management, shore protection, and habitat preservation/management. The conference drew a diverse mixture of presenters and attendees including researchers, coastal engineers, wetland biologists/ecologists, coastal resource managers, coastal scientists, aquatic ecologists, landscape architects, urban planners, coastal geologists, dredging specialists, and water quality specialists from local, regional, state, and federal government, the private sector and NGOs.

Conference Program
The conference program is available online here

PowerPoint presentations given during this year’s conference will be available online soon. PowerPoint presentations from previous H2O Conferences are available online here.

Sponsors and Exhibitors
The conference organizers wish to thank our sponsors and exhibitors for helping to underwrite the costs of this year’s conference..

Student Poster Session

The Headwaters to Ocean (H20) Conference revived the Student Poster Session for the 2014 conference. Abstracts received focused on coastal management and science issues. The Student Poster Session provided an avenue for students studying coastal science to gain experience in presenting their research in a professional setting. Posters were judged by professional attendees during the first conference reception on May 27, 2014 and the Outstanding Student Presentation Award was given to Taylor Debevec from the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UCSB during the second conference reception on May 28, 2014. The criteria used for judging can be found here: Outstanding Student Presentation Award judging form as a guide.

For any questions, concerns, or comments please contact eborgnis@scc.ca.gov.

Navigating in Rough Seas: Planning and Facilitating Collaborative Meetings

  • FREE 1.5 day training for conference participants
  • May 29th: 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm
  • May 30th: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Instructor: Ann Weaver & Gwen Shaughnessy, NOAA Coastal Services Center
  • Course Description: Collaboration can be complicated, requiring a systematic approach. This course provided the skills and tools to design and implement collaborative approaches to balance multiple stakeholder interests. The skills will be useful even when attending, but not running, meetings. The course was taught by NOAA Coastal Services Center's expert training staff.


Steve Aceti, Co-Chair, California Coastal Coalition

Dennis Baker, Orange Coast River Park, Inc.

Richard Beck, Society of Wetland Scientists - Western Chapter

Susan Brodeur, Co-Chair, California Shore and Beach Preservation Association

David Cannon, California Shore and Beach Preservation Association

Greg Gauthier, Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project
State Coastal Conservancy

Kristen Goodrich, Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve Coastal Training Program

Shawn Kelly, Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project

Wes Salter, Regulatory Specialist, RBF Consulting

Evyan Borgnis, California Sea Grant Fellow, State Coastal Conservancy
Wetlands Recovery Project